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About Us


Wildly Handy Tech

Bringing The Wild into Focus

Feel good about what you encounter



Allow users to discover the wild with an easy to use social interface.



We envision having a social community that is continually building on their personal encounters through the use of frequently advancing "Wildly" technologies.



Finding new and creative ways to connect with the wild world around us.

Our background

Conservation volunteers, Wildlife management, Civil service, Wildlife enthusiasts, World travelers, and Biology degrees, we have an amazing diversity of backgrounds that push us to bring together one of the most ambitious projects any of us have ever imagined possible just a few years ago. Wildly, is not about profit, it's about finally connecting with the natural world. In fact, Wildly, has giving to wildlife volunteers written directly into its business plan, so when you use Wildly, you are helping to send volunteers to work in the wild.*

*You are a part of an engaging part of wildlife conservation, Using Search Wildly Pro contributes to our small 10,000 subscriber goal to send continuous funds to user voted wildlife conservation groups , seeing the effects of the contributions right through the app.
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Evan Ogden

A background rooted in wildlife, Evan grew up on an open range wildlife park that every day, immersed him with amazing experiences with amazing plants and animals. Motivated by this experience, he sought out a degree in biology, worked his way into the title of General Curator and now as the President of "Wildly" handy technologies.
nate yoder

Nathan Yoder

Technical Director
Making sure all of the details are ironed out behind the curtain, Nathan is one of our most valuable players.

Jared Ruff

Testing Director
With extensive military and wilderness experience, Jared brings a passion for the wild experience that drives the fine details of the project. It is rumored that he once befriended a Kodiak Bear and rode him into the sunset", But that's just a rumor.
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Paige Becht

Wildlife Author/Researcher
Having grown up in Wisconsin’s Kettle Moraine State Forest-Northern Unit (KMSF-NU), Paige’s heart naturally fell in love with the environment. She graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2018 where she studied Conservation Biology and Environmental Studies. She is now balancing two jobs as a Parks and Rec Specialist for the KMSF-NU and a Community-Focused Seasonal Naturalist for Riveredge Nature Center. Paige is excited to use her experiences to promote environmental conservation, awareness, and connection through education and outreach.
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Jessica Brown

Biological Data Intern
Jessica’s fascination with nature began early in her life; she grew up exploring central Pennsylvania on the back of her horse. This brought her to the Pennsylvania State University where she majors in Wildlife and Fisheries Science with a minor in Forest Ecosystems.

Contagious Greatness

The Future
Maybe you have what it takes to be part of the "Wildly" team.  We won't know until you contact

Everything you need to Bring the wild into Focus

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