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Built-in Image stabilization is for the Birds

Built-in Image Stabilization is for the Birds When thinking of image stabilization, your first thought would jump to the latest GoPro action camera or better yet a drone that can lock on a subject in 3D space like something out of Total Recall.  I present to you now the Kestral, with the ability to see…

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Discover Wildlife of the Aphrodite nature trail

The Aphrodite nature trail is part of the Akamas Peninsula National Park in Cyprus. We took some cameras along for a 4.2 mile hike and this is what we encountered along the way. Enjoy! Ready to encounter wildlife on a hike of your own? Search Wildly app Explore Features Search Wildly Features Android App With…

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Cold Blooded Doesn’t Mean a Hert of Ice

It’s October in Alaska (USA), the weather is getting colder and you can only find shelter in a few piles of leaf litter in the subnivean zone (check out the Arctic cutaway below). Your body begins to slow down, your breathing becomes slower and slower. Just as you find the perfect spot to…

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Antifreeze in their Veins?!

Arctic conditions can be brutal for all of us. Just take the recent effects of the Polar vortex that ravished the better part the continental United States. On land, we are able to stay active or simply get out of the brutal conditions, this isn’t the case for many of the marine fish living the majority of…

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Speed Hunting

Oh the wonderful world of wildlife, here we have the “American” five-lined skink.  One of the more common tiny animals crawling around the terrestrial environment of the American middle to the east coast. Also known as the Blue-tailed skink or Red-Headed skink, because, you know both nature doesn’t like to follow one color scheme and us humans can’t make-up or minds on…

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Wildly New Features

We have upgraded our similar Species section. Now you can See how many similar species there are and Even Expand them to get an even deeper look into the Similar Species.        

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Wildly fun Facts

Check out Search wildly’s new “Wildly Fun Facts” page. It is packed with Graphic facts and cartoons depicting the many amazing characteristics of some of the most bizarre wildlife facts known to man. More are being added all the time so check back regularly to see what new and wild facts you can start your day with.

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Be a legend, Subscribe and Donate to advance your Wildlife App

Search Wildly relies on the subscriptions and Donations from Amazing users just like you. So if you like what you see then, please consider subscribing and/or donating to the application. There are a lot of advantages to this including: Removal of ads Download your encounters to Excel…this allows you to use your encounter data any…

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Wildly New Upgrades!

Search Wildly has a few new features you should know about!   Featured Wildlife: When browsing our news articles you will notice a”Featured Wildlife” option. This new feature gives you useful insight into the wildlife in the news article you are interested in. Featured News: When you are looking at a species of animal or plant,…

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