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New app Feature!

  Now the Search Wildly App is able to tell you not only why some species are so similar, But also why they are so Unique! Just by pressing the  “Why So Similar or Why so Unique Buttons on any given Species Detail screen, you will be given an explanation.  For instance, do you know…

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Upgrades, Upgrades, WILDLY Upgrades

New upgrades for the Search Wildly app are on the way, with an improved design and user experience, you will now be able to: -Reply to comments left on your wildlife encounters by clicking on the comment you want to reply to! -Receive notifications from group messaging, so you can stay up to date on…

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#WildlyDusky in the Omaha area

Dozens of dusky gopher frogs, held in the amphibian conservation area of Omaha’s Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium, were released in a wildlife management area in southern Mississippi. According to a news release from the zoo, considering there are possibly fewer than 75 adults left in the wild, this marks the first time in history…

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The Tail of the Mountain Chicken Frog

So what’s eating Mountain Chicken Frog?   #MtChickFrog for the everyday explorer group   Well, when you have the name Mountain Chicken Frog it’s for a reason, and it seems that everything is eating this vulnerable vertebrate, from indigenous people harvesting 8,000-36,000 a year until harvesting was banned recently, to chytrid fungus, even natural disasters have…

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Search Wildly First Community Documentary

It’s a well-known fact that positive interactions with animals and the wild, in general, has a positive influence on an individual’s phycological well-being.  We have this decided to do our first documentary on a small town Therapeutic horse riding facility. Graceful Acres, a non-profit out of Halifax Pennsylvania has done wonders for the local community and with the completion of…

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Endangered Encounter: African Penguin

African Penguin Also known as the Jackass Penguin, and not for its behavior, but for the donkey like sound it makes. Now this vocalization isn’t unique to this species, but it is the first to be discovered displaying thus it’s the Jackass penguin. Fun Fact: The African Penguin has a serious of spots scattered…

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Glass Frogs Don’t Crack

The glass Frog is an amazing sign to see with most species almost blending entirely into the background of their surroundings. This isn’t due to any type of exterior camouflage or pigments that change depending on where they are. this is due to a complete lack of pigment. Light shines through their tiny little bodies…

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Getting the Perfect Encounter

Find out what it takes to get the perfect wildlife (plant or animal) encounter with the Search Wildly app. You too can be a wildlife explorer around the world or just in your own back yard!  

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