Search Wildly Is happy to begin the daily animal Challange. We will be challenging all users to be the first to take a unique photograph and post an encounter of this species.  Bragging rights as the best wildlife explorer is not an easy title to come by these days, so here is your chance.  The rules are simple, the Photograph must be unique to you (as we cross reference all images with this thing called the internet).

Here are some interesting facts about this colorful creature.

Diet: Omnivore
Size (H): 42cm – 55cm (17in – 22in)
Wing Span: 109cm – 152cm (43in – 60in)
Weight: 2.1kg – 4kg (4.7lbs – 8.8lbs)
Top Speed: 64km/h (39mph)
Life Span: 15 – 20 years
Lifestyle: Sociable
Conservation Status: Least Concern
Colour: Red, Green, Yellow, Orange, Black
Skin Type: Feathers
Favorite Food: Fruit
Habitat: Lowland rainforest and tropical forest borders
Average Clutch Size: 3
Main Prey: Fruit, Eggs, Insects
Predators: Human, Weasels, Large Birds
Distinctive Features: Small body and enormous colorful beak

The keel billed toucan is also known as the rainbow billed toucan because of the colorful bill that the keel billed toucan has. The keel billed toucan’s bill can reach lengths of nearly 20cm long and is around one-third of the length of the keel billed toucan’s body.

The keel billed toucan’s bill is one of the most colorful beaks in the bird world, and although it is more a green color than anything else, the keel billed toucan’s bill can be a mixture of green, red, yellow and orange in color.


Native Habitat:

Map of Keel Billed Toucan Locations
Map of South America


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