Search Wildly Features

  • Wildlife News
  • Advanced Wildlife Search Results (Better than Google)
  • Plant and animal look up with Advanced search* and filters
  • Similar Species identification help (unique to Search Wildly)
  • Keep track of YOUR encounters with the wild
  • Share and get feedback from the world stage
  • Find out what the heck you just spotted in the wild by getting quick suggestions from other users
  • Join or manage a wildlife group.
  • Search Wildly donates to Wildlife Conservation and you see the results.*


*Get refined and quicker search results by selecting smaller and smaller groups of species.
** Once the Operation Conservation Page and in the APP gain only 10,000 subscribers, we will be able to donate funds to grass roots wildlife conservation organizations. We want to give back and make you part of the action during this process.

Wildlife Content

Yeah... We can find that

When you have a tool that can give you the answers you are looking for it's a great feeling. That is exactly what we have designed.  We want it to take as little time as possible to browse, search and discover your way through all the amazing plants and animals in our database. Who knows, maybe you will stumble upon a new species right in your backyard or even on your next hiking trip to Nepal. Either way we are here for all of your wildlife discovery needs.*

Complete Description details:

Species details are right in the search results, so you don't have to go back and forth from one to another.  This process speeds up your wildlife search, so you can get back to enjoying the wild world.


*We care continually updating our search methods and results to give you the best experience possible.

Advanced Search
Complete Description details
Highlighted search text

Exceptional Insight, beautifully designed into one screen

Bread Crumbs to help easily navigate
Description of currently selected group

Switch between GRID view and DETAIL view

Wildlife Content

Perfectly Organized Wildlife Search

When trying to identify one of your encounters, you do not want to have to keep switching between screens. You want all of your information in one convenient place. That is why we beautifully designed the identification screen to give you all of your tools and information on one screen. Quickly reference multiple images, levels, and details. Less time Searching and more time having fun exploring your world with friends!

With a convenient "Bread Crumb" area, you know how you got here and how to easily back track if needed.

Having a description of your currently selected group will make your life and wildlife exploration much easier, quicker, and most importantly, FUN!

For added convenience and insight, there are two view options

  1. List view:  where all species detail can be viewed right from this search screen
  2. Grid view: where only images are displayed for a quick search option

Wildlife Content

Beautiful Insight


This is where you can add your encounter. Making it public for everyone to see or more private so just you and a select group can observe your latest discovery. Search Wildly keeps track of every species that is encountered and there can only be one first. So get out there and start exploring, this is your chance to be a leading explorer for the entire world to see.

Similar Species Insight

Not Quite Sure of the ID of your species? Similar Species is here to help! Just Scroll through and select what fits your Encounter Best!

Lineage Insight

For the interested Citizen scientists, hardcore Scientists, and all around curious creatures. The lineage pop-up gives an in-depth detailed lineage breakdown of the selected species. Accuracy is backed by the latest U.S. government taxonomic database*.

*See help link in the app menu for more information.

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Stock Images

Wild and Captive sightings

User Images

Similar species
Similar species insight

Lineage Insight


Add your Encounter


Global headlines

News picked for its passion for wildlife

Wildlife News

Global Wildlife News

With a lot of noise in the media, we filter it by hand picking our news headlines from multiple Global news sources.

Not only will you get fascinating articles, but you will also be directed to Free online books, first-hand research, and documentaries.








Social Screens


Having a Search Wildly profile gives you the ability to keep track of and get brilliant feedback from a world of wildlife experts.


Design your profile to display:

  • A witty or relevant nickname (or display your real name)
  • A personalized Headline
  • A description about yourself or you organization


Maintain your profile

  • With the profile editor
  • A map of all of your Encounters
  • A link to all of your notifications


by the numbers

  • Get insight about your displayed encounters below
apple profile screen

Personalize your profile with

  • an image
  • Nickname (or your real name)
  • A headline
  • A personal description
  • And a Web link*

Organize and get general profile insight with

  • Your profile editor
  • A map of all your encounters
  • A link to all your notifications from other users

Get insight about your displayed encounters below.

apple profile screen2

Filter your profile results by Type of Animal or Plant

  • Edit your encounter
  • Add to a group or review group comments on this encounter
  • Display a map of all of your encounters with this species

Displays Common name, Scientific name, Where your encounter stands in the world, and seen/heard icons.

Click to expand encounter details and scroll through other encounters with this species.

similar specie Upgrade

More Feature Details to come

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