The glass Frog is an amazing sign to see with most species almost blending entirely into the background of their surroundings. This isn’t due to any type of exterior camouflage or pigments that change depending on where they are. this is due to a complete lack of pigment. Light shines through their tiny little bodies and you are able to see each vein, organ, and digestive process. Making them perfect for anatomy class, because with these little critters you can keep them alive and still learn about all of the internal structures.

To Encounter one of these tiny glorious glass gods of the rainforest, you will have to travel to Central or South America. Unless, you already live in this area, and in that case, what are you waiting for, let the glass frog challenge begin!

For more information, check out the species details in the Search Wildly app and if you are lucky enough, enter the very first glass frog encounter.

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