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Be a legend, Subscribe and Donate to advance your Wildlife App

Search Wildly relies on the subscriptions and Donations from Amazing users just like you. So if you like what you see then, please consider subscribing and/or donating to the application. There are a lot of advantages to this including: Removal of ads Download your encounters to Excel…this allows you to use your encounter data any…

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New app Feature!

  Now the Search Wildly App is able to tell you not only why some species are so similar, But also why they are so Unique! Just by pressing the  “Why So Similar or Why so Unique Buttons on any given Species Detail screen, you will be given an explanation.  For instance, do you know…

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Upgrades, Upgrades, WILDLY Upgrades

New upgrades for the Search Wildly app are on the way, with an improved design and user experience, you will now be able to: -Reply to comments left on your wildlife encounters by clicking on the comment you want to reply to! -Receive notifications from group messaging, so you can stay up to date on…

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Search Wildly First Community Documentary

It’s a well-known fact that positive interactions with animals and the wild, in general, has a positive influence on an individual’s phycological well-being.  We have this decided to do our first documentary on a small town Therapeutic horse riding facility. Graceful Acres, a non-profit out of Halifax Pennsylvania has done wonders for the local community and with the completion of…

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A Wildlife Advancements Message From “Search Wildly”

Being an avid wildlife enthusiast, you are part of a group of individuals that understands the beauty of nature, lies within its diversity. That the natural world isn’t an endless resource that will always be here no matter how we live our lives. That is why I developed this easy to use, wildlife guide and…

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