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Endangered Encounter

The Tail of the Mountain Chicken Frog

So what’s eating Mountain Chicken Frog?   #MtChickFrog for the everyday explorer group   Well, when you have the name Mountain Chicken Frog it’s for a reason, and it seems that everything is eating this vulnerable vertebrate, from indigenous people harvesting 8,000-36,000 a year until harvesting was banned recently, to chytrid fungus, even natural disasters have…

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Endangered Encounter: African Penguin

African Penguin Also known as the Jackass Penguin, and not for its behavior, but for the donkey like sound it makes. Now this vocalization isn’t unique to this species, but it is the first to be discovered displaying thus it’s the Jackass penguin. Fun Fact: The African Penguin has a serious of spots scattered…

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