I arrived at Hoedspruit, airport to find that the research organization that I will be spending my time with has managed to have mechanical problems with 2 different land rovers today. While standing beside the airport I notice all of the other well maintained vehicles from the other camps come and go. As an hour passes Franswa, my driver, shows up in nothing but shorts..that it, and directs me to the tired land rover that will begin my 4 week experience.

On the way back we stop at a local bar to meet up with the 3 researchers that the organization is housing from different US universities. We have a few laughs and Franswa and I are then on our way for car parts.. then into the bush.

Once a good 4-5km into this bush on a windy dirt road, the land rover decides that it would be a good time to overheat. We promptly stop the vehicle and pop the hood. Finding that when we remove the coolant cap, a gauzier of hot water starts to boil out from the engine. After taking the small amount of drinking water I brought for this occasion and adding it to the overheated rover we are on our way with a little (large) push on my part to pop start the rover once again. All before 2pm.[wpicon lib=fa type=fa-envira]

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