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Jun 8 2019

Built-in Image stabilization is for the Birds

Built-in Image Stabilization is for the Birds When thinking of image stabilization, your first thought would jump to the latest GoPro action camera or better yet a drone that can lock on a subject in 3D space like something out of Total Recall.  I present to you now the Kestral, with the ability to see…
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Apr 16 2019

Discover Wildlife of the Aphrodite nature trail

The Aphrodite nature trail is part of the Akamas Peninsula National Park in Cyprus. We took some cameras along for a 4.2 mile hike and this is what we encountered along the way. Enjoy! Ready to encounter wildlife on a hike of your own? Search Wildly app Explore Features Search Wildly Features Android App With…
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Mar 24 2019

Wildly Nature Investigators (N.I.): Animal Tracks

Becoming a N.I. (Nature Investigator) can be very satisfying when strolling through the park or backpacking through the wilderness. Opening this (N.I.) door is actually quite simple if you know the basics. Join me monthly to learn something new that will help you discover different animals, plants, and insects in your own backyard. So, grab your hiking
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Mar 22 2019

Cold Blooded Doesn’t Mean a Hert of Ice

It's October in Alaska (USA), the weather is getting colder and you can only find shelter in a few piles of leaf litter in the subnivean zone (check out the Arctic cutaway below). Your body begins to slow down, your breathing becomes slower and slower. Just as you find the perfect spot to...
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Feb 23 2019

Love Birds

Although Valentine’s Day has come and gone, I wanted to continue the love just a little bit longer. Love is something us humans cherish and long for daily, but we aren’t the only ones. Many animals find attraction and connection to mates just like us. There are two forms of attraction and connection in the animal kingdom-polygamy and monogamy. Polygamy is the practice of having more than one mate while monogamy is having one pair of bonding between a male and female.1 Although true monogamy is actually rare in the animal kingdom some animals try their hardest. For example, the true heartthrobs and sweethearts themselves, birds. I want to acknowledge some of these romantics.
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Feb 10 2019

Cuddling Saves Lives – Mammal edition

If you have ever found yourself in a tent on a cold winter's night or even your home when the heat gives out, cuddling for warmth always became part of the conversation. Though it is true that we...
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Jan 31 2019

Antifreeze in their Veins?!

Arctic conditions can be brutal for all of us. Just take the recent effects of the Polar vortex that ravished the better part the continental United States. On land, we are able to stay active or simply get out of the brutal conditions, this isn’t the case for many of the marine fish living the majority of…
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Jan 25 2019

Speed Hunting

Oh the wonderful world of wildlife, here we have the “American” five-lined skink.  One of the more common tiny animals crawling around the terrestrial environment of the American middle to the east coast. Also known as the Blue-tailed skink or Red-Headed skink, because, you know both nature doesn’t like to follow one color scheme and us humans can’t make-up or minds on…
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Nov 24 2017

Spot the Snow Leopard

Spot the Snow Leopard  
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Sep 23 2017

The Tail of the Mountain Chicken Frog

So what’s eating Mountain Chicken Frog?   #MtChickFrog for the everyday explorer group   Well, when you have the name Mountain Chicken Frog it’s for a reason, and it seems that everything is eating this vulnerable vertebrate, from indigenous people harvesting 8,000-36,000 a year until harvesting was banned recently, to chytrid fungus, even natural disasters have…
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Sep 8 2017

Endangered Encounter: African Penguin

African Penguin Also known as the Jackass Penguin, and not for its behavior, but for the donkey like sound it makes. Now this vocalization isn’t unique to this species, but it is the first to be discovered displaying thus it’s the Jackass penguin. Fun Fact: The African Penguin has a serious of spots scattered…
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Sep 5 2017

Glass Frogs Don’t Crack

The glass Frog is an amazing sign to see with most species almost blending entirely into the background of their surroundings. This isn’t due to any type of exterior camouflage or pigments that change depending on where they are. this is due to a complete lack of pigment. Light shines through their tiny little bodies…
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Aug 25 2017

What’s so Silky about this Anteater?

It looks like something Jim Henson thought up with its large eyes, odd proportions and stuffed animal like qualities. But the one quality that this unreal looking animal has on Mr, Henson’s creations is that it’s actually real and you can find it lurking in the South American Rainforest. The Silky anteater (Cyclopes didactylus) though isn’t the…
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Aug 21 2017

Holy Numbat!

#Numbaty if you are playing along. (Both zoo and wild encounters will count) Join “The Daily Explorer” to play along. If you are lucky enough to see a numbat in the wild. for the love of everything good…Take a picture! Because as you can see by the amazing map we have here, located within the…
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Aug 20 2017

What’s a free tailed bat anyway?

Well, let me tell you the complex reason for the name, “free-tailed”. It’s because of a tiny section of tail that sticks out from the rest of the body, not connected by the typical webbed skin bats use to fly. Ok not so complex, but with over 100 different species of Free-tailed bats, this little adaptation must…
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Aug 19 2017

Sparrows of the World

Sparrows (Passeridae) can be found almost at every corner of the globe. And Thus with this challenge, it should be easy to find more than one species right in your own back yard. Now for a few fun facts: Sparrow is a very small bird. It can reach 4 to 8 inches in length and…
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Aug 18 2017

Tuatara challenge!

The Tuatara is the closest thing we have to a living dinosaur on this planet today, they are extremely rare, found only in New Zeland and are difficult to find even when you are in New Zeland. Yes, The impossible animal challenge..or is it? Many zoos around the world have them in their collections, and why not?…
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Aug 16 2017

Daily Wildlife Challenge: Squirrel!

This world wide common critter might just be too easy of a find. But with all its defense tactics (of hiding behind trees), it might be more difficult than you think to snap a quick pic. Be the first to Encounter this tiny ball of fur and you will be forever immortalized as the one the…
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Aug 15 2017

Daily Animal Challenge: Keel-billed Toucan

Search Wildly Is happy to begin the daily animal Challange. We will be challenging all users to be the first to take a unique photograph and post an encounter of this species.  Bragging rights as the best wildlife explorer is not an easy title to come by these days, so here is your chance.  The rules…
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Jan 9 2017

Getting to know the team

11/22/12 This morning Stefan the assistant game warden at Olifants West Game reserve and I began the day tracking rhinoceroses using radio telemetry. Stefan started telling me about the 9 different rhinos that are currently residing within the game reserve; each with their own name and radio collar… and all donated by WWF. Apparently, this…
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Jan 7 2017

The Spark of Adventure (South Africa 11/21/12)

11/21/12 I arrived at Hoedspruit, airport to find that the research organization that I will be spending my time with has managed to have mechanical problems with 2 different land rovers today. While standing beside the airport I notice all of the other well maintained vehicles from the other camps come and go. As an…
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