The Tuatara is the closest thing we have to a living dinosaur on this planet today, they are extremely rare, found only in New Zeland and are difficult to find even when you are in New Zeland.

Yes, The impossible animal challenge..or is it?

Many zoos around the world have them in their collections, and why not? These anomalies, have a “Third-eye” (That is actually kind of blind…). This third eye is associated with recognising the day/night rhythms of the world.


Fun Facts:


  • The tuatara is native to New Zealand
  • It is the sole survivor of the beak-heads which is a group of very ancient reptiles
  • The tuatara is the most ancient of all living reptiles. It is even older than the dinosaurs
  • It has survived for almost 200 million years
  • Tuatara can live up to 100 years
  • The male is much bigger than the female
  • Young tuatara have a third eye. It is on top of the brain between its other eyes. It becomes covered over when the tuatara is an adult

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