Search Wildly has a few new features you should know about!


Featured Wildlife: When browsing our news articles you will notice a”Featured Wildlife” option. This new feature gives you useful insight into the wildlife in the news article you are interested in.

Featured News: When you are looking at a species of animal or plant, You will notice a “Featured News” tab this new area will give you useful insight on news articles that feature the Awesome wildlife you are interested in!

One click add an encounter: on the bottom bar, you will see a new camera icon.  Simply click this once and you will be taken directly to the add an encounter popup. No more Extra un-needed steps!

Improved commenting: When leaving or viewing comments you will have a more intuitive experience.

Change your email: If you would like to check on or change the email that you use for Search wildly (the Best wildlife app available) Simply go to your profile editing screen and there it is!

Subscribe and get Everything you ever wanted: Go to the Funding and Donations Menu item and you will notice all of the great Pro features you can have to make your wildlife exploration heart content!

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