Check out the new Features on Search Wildly!

First, we are giving your Advanced Image Resolution on all of your encounters. No matter how large your image is, All of the crisp details will shine through, Because we want all of the details of your wildlife encounters to be seen by everyone in our network!


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Second, When you sign up to donate to the Search Wildly app, You are now able to download all of your personal encounters to an Excel file, Where you can manipulate all of your encounter details however you want! Live wild and Free when you Donate to Search Wildly!

Third, We have improved our GPS location technology. Now all of our locations are detailed down to the square meter! Pinpoint accuracy that only the most advanced systems are capable of, Now inside the Search Wildly app!


More Upgrade Details to come…Because we are constantly upgrading our system to give you the best experience possible!



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